Tired of shelling out hundreds of bucks for the latest in Bluetooth headphones or earbuds? You should be, because they start at around $100 (for the non-branded, good quality buds) and things quickly reach the $500 and above point with brands like Apple, Samsung or Beats stepping in with their Bluetooth headphones.

Since 2020 has been a bit rough with us and our wallets, here’s some good news for audiophiles; you can get premium Bluetooth earbuds for way less than the others WITHOUT compromising on sound quality or noise cancellation. Enter the DangoBuds; the earbuds you should be rocking as you leave 2020 in the dust.

DangoBuds are for people who don’t want to spend $500 on some fancy buds that break the minute you raise the volume a bit too much or drop down from the bed. Their build makes them pretty sturdy and resistant to damage; even after a nasty fall, they’ll keep on functioning like nothing ever happened. But the really great thing is the price, which will be discussed in the paragraphs below. Here’s some more information on DangoBuds and why they should be on your ‘to buy’ list.

What are DangoBuds?

DangoBuds are wireless earbuds that connect to your device (PC, tablet, smartphone) via Bluetooth and deliver the best-in-class, crisp audio quality that many products in the market simply miss. The buds are very comfortable to use and provide the best sound quality you can expect from a wireless earbud. Their nifty, small size contributes to their overall minimalist design and the aesthetic with which they operate is also very premium-feeling. 

DangoBuds are the best alternative to expensive and over-the-top products from Samsung and Apple and other manufacturers, who charge a premium just for the logo that their product sports. Brand conscious and brand loyalists might argue otherwise, but most of the time, it’s the relatively unknown product that cares less about the brand and more of the actual performance and customers getting their money’s worth that is better.

DangoBuds are the prime example of this; they cost half of what Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Buds cost and deliver better sound, performance per charge and better connectivity. It is easy-to-use, operate and maintain than any of those expensive earbuds out there. Click here to read more.

How are DangoBuds different than the Vast Majority of Earbuds on the Market?

The first is the unrivalled sound quality and the build quality of the earbuds at this price point, or any other for that matter. You could call the DangoBuds ‘Apple build quality meets peak performance for a fraction of the cost’. Its that efficient and inexpensive and yet looks good as any AirPod would look like while being used.

The second thing is the seamless connectivity it offers to all devices, regardless of make or OS. Like other proprietary OS and accessory makers, where it is difficult to connect two products manufactured by different companies, the DangoBuds makes it easy to connect with whatever device you have: whether its Android or iOS, Windows or Mac, the DangoBuds will connect in seconds and without fail.

What are the Features that DangoBuds come with?

DangoBuds come loaded with features and benefits over using other branded or non-branded items. These are enumerated below,

Crystal-clear audio quality for all the audiophiles to enjoy and appreciate at a fraction of the cost of other earphones.

Handles bass, vocals and instruments well and balances them from song to song.

Seamless connectivity and instant audio delivery with Android, iOS and other operating systems. 

Wireless charging with the best-in-class battery timing, charging and operation time per charge.

Single-button interface and use for enhanced user experience and an intuitive device interaction.

Incredible build quality and finish rivalling that of Beats and Apple; glossy finish with anti-bacterial finish on the inside of the earbuds. 

What makes the DangoBuds a must-have for your Tech Loadout?

The DangoBuds are very comfortable in usage and reviews have got people talking about how fit snug in the ear and how comfortable the earbuds get when they are under high-stress usage situation, like in gyms, while running or jogging. These earbuds handle it all very well and deliver the same crisp, crystal-clear audio quality that you get from high-fidelity speakers at a concert, regardless of where they are being used. 

What’s more, the DangoBuds are designed keeping in mind the active person, who remains on-the-go for the whole day and relaxes at the end of the day with some good music.

That is exactly why the DangoBuds have the best battery timing of its class and product and are resistant to dust or sweat, which means optimised music throughout the day. Plus it has active noise cancellation and soft rubber tips that don’t let a wave pass by the headphones and interrupt your incredible music experience.