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Downloading the Rise of Skywalker Torrent

The Star War franchise has come a long way since its first movie came out back in the late ‘70s. First of its kind, the franchise gave the audience action and fantasy packed movie, unlike any other.  After almost four decades later, their franchise is still going...

BIN Checker Live or Dead Tools

You might’ve known about credit card checkers online. Their sole purpose of existence is to check if the card whose number you have put in is active and legit. However, the card checker bonanza does not stop there. So, its BIN checker for today. What might be a BIN...

How to Disassemble Xbox One Controller: The DIY Method

So, you’ve got yourself an Xbox One. With its fast processor, really good GPU and 1TB of memory, you’re ready to play some Forza on it, maybe some Halo too. But wait a minute. Your console can run all that, but can you play all that? Is the Xbox One controller ready,...

DangoBuds: the Earbuds for Audiophiles

  Tired of shelling out hundreds of bucks for the latest in Bluetooth headphones or earbuds? You should be, because they start at around $100 (for the non-branded, good quality buds) and things quickly reach the $500 and above point with brands like Apple,...

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